In addition to the online resources available free of charge on our website, we offer several print publications that are widely used for reflective discussion.

Stack of "Taking Action" books


Taking Action

Edited by Adam Davis. The Great Books Foundation, 2012.

Taking Action inspires a wide range of service professionals to take a step back from their daily work, and think and talk to one another about their values, aspirations, and…

Civically Engaged Reader

Adam Davis & Elizabeth Lynn. The Great Books Foundation, 2006.

The Civically Engaged Reader features more than forty short readings on associating, serving, giving and leading. These selections invite and provoke reflection on civic activities and is a go-to resource…

Hearing the Call Across Traditions

Edited by Adam Davis. Skylight Paths Publishing, 2009.

Hearing the Call Across Traditions is a collection of readings that raise deep questions about service and its roots in faith. The readings explore the connections between faith, service, and…


Reflective Reading

Catherine Tufariello. Center for Civic Reflection, 2014.

Serving as a healthcare provider is hard and often stressful work.  Civic reflection supports team-building and self-care for for busy healthcare professionals. Reflective Reading: A Civic Reflection Starter Kit for Health Care Teams features…

Talking Service

Edited by Adam Davis and Elizabeth Lynn. The Great Books Foundation, 2008.

Talking Service features seven provocative readings to get people talking about the complexities and value of service, with discussion questions and opening activities for each reading. This collection is ideal…

Talking Giving

Edited by Susannah Quern Pratt. Project on Civic Reflection, 2010.

More and more, people engaged in giving—individuals, members of donors’ circles, leaders and staff of philanthropic foundations—are discovering the value of civic reflection. Talking Giving is a selection of six…