The Group

There were 9 students and 1 professor. This was a seminar class of graduate students in the Counseling Psychology program.

We used an article entitled "Helping, Fixing or Serving?" by Rachel Naomi Remen (available here) and a picture of a little boy being helped up by puppies (available here)


The text and the picture brought up interesting ideas concerning helping and serving and some people started to redefine their own definitions of these concepts.


This was a very short discussion. Due to this I saw the group moving towards the goal of starting to think about being a server in the Counseling profession instead of a helper, but the 30 mins was too short to get the group full circle. If I have a discussion that is this short again the group needs to see the material beforehand.

Opening Activity

Introduce yourself and in a few words describe what service or helping means to you.

Discussion Questions

In one word what is the overall feeling of this piece? What sticks out the most to you in the piece? How do you view your current work - Is it helping or serving?

Closing Activity

I had the group do a go around and briefly describe the picture as being helping or serving? How can you bring service into your counseling practice?

Final Thoughts

It was a good piece. I would like to do it again but longer and maybe as part of a series.

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