The Group

Members of the Hyde Park, Chicago community


Everyone in the group participated. There were undergraduate and graduate students from the University of Chicago, as well as members of the surrounding community, and the eclectic group provided a unique perspective on each topic.


Sometimes one person would be speaking for a long time so it'd be hard to get other people to speak.

Opening Activity

We had two. First, we had people pair up and discussion the question: "What do you feel responsible for?" Second, we passed out an image and had people try to give it a title.

Discussion Questions

Our questions ranged from, "What does it mean to disappear?" to "Why won't the speaker share where the place is?" to "How do you give people a voice?" The implication questions really provoked a lot of discussion -- more so than the previous ones.

Closing Activity

For our closing, we had people share what they would take away from the discussion.

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