The Group

Supervisors/Managers - 15 per session


It went very well. The meaty parts were about what was fair and how people can perceive things inaccurately. We spent about 15 minutes discussing the image.


No difficulties.

Opening Activity

A questionnaire with about seven items to find commonalities, i.e. What school did you attend, What's your hometown, favorite TV show, sport or athlete you least like, etc.

Discussion Questions

  • What are some assumptions that people may make upon seeing these three people?
  • What would people see from various angles, e.g., in front of vs. behind the fence?
  • What does the body language in the pictures tell you?
  • What thoughts do you have about the group morale in the two pictures? 

Closing Activity

We had a slide show presentation from an educational expert on learning disabilities and a slide show presentation on human resource/fair practice procedures when you suspect that non-performance or behavioral issues are linked to a possible disability.

Final Thoughts

We received a lot of praise from the participants. Some of the participants are from other agencies and they have inquired if we can facilitate for them.

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