The Group

President of multiple campus organizations & clubs



Personally I didn't like this facilitation. There was some dialogue but none that was interesting or meaty.


Getting people to participate. Out of a group of more than 10 there was complete silence when we asked certain questions. On my part maybe we should have used a powerpoint to visualize the questions for a larger group. Having this civic reflection during finals time probably wasn't the best idea either. The more I do these civic reflections, I realize how much people are just closed minded to even thinking out of the box. My thought process then becomes how could you just not open your eyes and see what's in front of you. Then I'm reminded this is why we are trained to civic fellows. To get those who are not engaged, engaged. Sometime it can be frustrating but it's worth it when you get a breakthrough

Opening Activity

We had all participants discuss with groups someone who they interact with on a regular basis but in a perfunctory way. (What keeps your interaction a the perfunctory level? Should it stay there? Why or why not? What, if anything, could you do to deepen the interaction?)

Discussion Questions

Closing Activity

Think back to a perfunctory relationship you have and discuss in your group whether after this discussion you imagine wanting or not wanting to deepen your connection with this person and why you feel this way.

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