The Group

Office of Multicultural Student Affairs Staff at University of Chicago


I used Drew Dudley's Ted Talk on Everyday Leadership ( and the discussion turned out really well. Everybody participated and seemed very comfortable speaking with each other and even disagreeing with each other, probably due to the fact that they already knew each other and worked together.


There were difficulties with the video running due to Wifi problems so next time I would try to have it downloaded and saved beforehand to ensure that it could run more smoothly.

Opening Activity

I asked participants to introduce themselves -- name, age and passion -- and then pair up and discuss a leader they know.

Discussion Questions

  • What is a leader?
  • What is a "lollipop moment?"
  • Why don't people consider themselves leaders?

These questions led to a lot of great discussion about leadership, society's view on leadership, and the stigma of declaring oneself to be a leader.

Closing Activity

I asked participants to share whether or not they thought they were a leader and, if they wanted to, share why.

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