The Group

The group consists of 9 AmeriCorp members who tutor and teach in underserved urban school communities.

The Program

For the group's second session we discussed Langston Hughes' "Theme for English B." Before reading the poem aloud, I asked the group to think about how they would describe themselves to a new audience, and how they would describe their students.

After sharing their characteristics, and exploring why some chose to focus on personal vs. objective traits, we asked the following questions of Hughes' poem: 1) What is the purpose of the assignment and how would Langston receive that purpose differently than his fellow students?, 2) Why does Hughes select the characteristics that he does and in the order which he does?, 3) What kind of relationship is Langston looking to have with the instructor, 4) What is the America Langston and his instructor share?


Extending from the 4 themes discussed above, the group reflected on the strategies the group uses to make personal connections with their students across racial and ethnic lines.

The group also spent a good deal of time describing the stereotypes Hughes delpoys in trying to identify with the presumably white male instructor.

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