What does Transformational Change Look Like?


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Imagine the Angels of Bread


Espada, Martin

Big Questions

What is change? Do people experience change differently?What kind of change am I making? What kind of change does the world need?What do I hope my work accomplishes?What is the value of work for me? For my community?

Opening Activity

Think of an experience you’ve had in your life – could be recent or further back – that transformed you in some way. What was the experience? In what way did it transform you? How long did it take?

Discussion Questions

  1. What are the qualities or characteristics of this year he describes – can we just try to name a few? What does it look like?
  2. Which of these events or changes are you drawn to and why? Try to draw out a few and explore them.
  3. Re: the events or changes you're drawn to, who is benefiting? In what way? Is it a good or desirable change? What's unclear?
  4. "Darkskinned men, sipping coffee quietly." How does this scene compare to the ones before it?
  5. Are there common threads running through each of these events/changes? Differences?
  6. What is needed for these changes or transformations to happen? Are they possible? Does it matter?
  7. Is there a call to action here?
  8. Thinking about your own work... is an imaginative vision needed to make this kind of change? What purpose does it serve?
  9. Does it need to be "possible" to be valuable?
  10. What does transformative change look like in your work -- who or what is being transformed? You? Your classroom? Your community?
  11. How does the transformation you talked about at the beginning -- how does that relate, if at all, to the transformation you're making in your work?
  12. How long does it take to make transformative change? To end educational inequity?

Closing Activity

Thinking about your own service and work, name one change that is possible this year. And one question that this discussion raises for you.

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