Opening Activity

Think of something in the world that you think needs to change. Why does it need to change and how could change be achieved? Share your thoughts with a partner.

Discussion Questions

  1. What happens in this poem? What kind of images does the author create for the reader?
  2. How does it make you feel? What is your first reaction to the poem?
  3. Do the scenes in this poem describe justice?
  4. Does this poem strike you as fair?
  5. Who is in power at different points in the poem?
  6. What do you think of the closing lines of the poem?
  7. Do you think the change that the poem describes is possible in reality? Why or why not?
  8. If you could describe or create an image of justice, what would it be?

Closing Activity

How do the images of righting wrongs in this poem resonate with your own work? Share with the group.

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