Opening Activity

What do you want to accomplish through your work? What is the relationship between your interests or beliefs and your professional life? Share your reflections with a partner.

Discussion Questions

  1. What is the “it” that the poem refers to?
  2. What does the speaker think about the world, such as “the familiar hills,” China, India, and Europe?
  3. What emotions does the speaker feel?
  4. Do you think that this poem is spiritual? What do you think the speaker believes in?
  5. Do you agree that the speaker is describing “happiness?”
  6. How does the speaker feel about their place in the world?
  7. In your own professional life, how does your work make you feel? How does it make you feel about your place in the world?

Closing Activity

Think about what you said in the earlier exercise about what you want to accomplish with your work. How do your interests influence the world? Share with the group.

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