Opening Activity

Consider the first time you interacted with someone with a serious physical or mental disability. How did you perceive the person's disability? How did the person's disability affect your interaction? How did it affect your attitude toward the person?

Discussion Questions

  1. Why does the narrator point out that he is "not a drooler" at the beginning of the story?
  2. Why does the narrator prefer the Home to the world outside? What does it give him that the outside world cannot?
  3. What does the narrator mean when he says, "Nobody has the right to call anybody a feeb that ain't"? Why does the narrator think he has this right?
  4. What role does the narrator think he plays in the Home? What roles do other characters see him playing?
  5. Why does the narrator insist on staying with little Albert?
  6. How can care be provided to those in need without impeding their ability to make decisions for themselves?
  7. In your work, how do you determine where to place the limits on emotional investment with patients?
  8. Why does the narrator feel the need to escape? Why does he come back?

Closing Activity

What is one question this discussion has raised about your own patients or clients?

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