Opening Activity

Think of a decision that you made me "because it just felt right." What was the decision? What were the factors involved? Looking back on your decision, are you happy that you made it or do you wish you had done something else? 

Discussion Questions

  1. What does Brooks find disheartening about the results of Christian Smith's study? Why does he find it disheartening?
  2. What do we lose when we focus on our individual needs instead of a “shared moral framework”? What do we gain?
  3. What do you make of the moment when one of the participants says: "“I have no other way of knowing what to do but how I internally feel"? Does his/her sentiment feel familiar to you? Unfamiliar? In what ways?
  4. To what extent do you think moral choices should be a matter of individual taste? To what extent should they be based on a framework that we share with others?
  5. How does the "if it feels right..." mentality impact the decisions you make in your work?
  6. What other factors, aside from something "feeling right," are important to take into account?

Closing Activity

Fill in the blanks: "I will do ___________________ if it feels right"

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