Identity and Difference in Community


Identity and Community


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They’ll Say, ‘She Must Be from Another Country’


Dharker, Imtiaz

Big Questions

How do we define who we are?How has my family or background shaped who I am?Is your sense of individual identity ever in conflict with your community? How?To what extent does your identity determine the communities you join?What do people gain or lose from joining a group or a community?What makes a community strong? What makes it weak?

Opening Activity

Think of a time when you were labeled "different" -- who labeled you? What difference did you notice about yourself? How did you respond? Why did you respond the way you did?

Discussion Questions

  1. What things make her "from another country"? What about them?
  2. Why do you think they keep saying that she must be from another country? What do they gain from doing this?
  3. In your community, what differences are you most aware of?
  4. How does difference matter or not matter in your community and work? When does difference help? When does it get in the way?
  5. Do you think she wants to be part of them? How does one's identity inform the community they'd belong to?
  6. How do individuals connect across difference in a community? How could we help make it happen?

Closing Activity

If you met the speaker, what would you say to her?

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