How do you respond to need or needs being met?


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Fisher, Alan

Big Questions

When I give, what do I expect in return? What do I receive?Who should we give to and why?What is poverty, how should we respond to it?How do we know what someone needs?How should we respond to people and communities in need?Should we keep a distance from the people we serve?

Opening Activity

Think of a time in your work--understanding work however you like--when you felt that you really needed something. What was it you felt you needed? Did you end up getting--or receiving--what you needed? If so, how, and if not, why not?

Discussion Questions

  1. What is one word that comes to you as you look at this image?
  2. Looking at this image, what would you most like to know, or what question would you most like answered?
  3. What do you feel like you know for certain about the situation this image captures, and how do you know it?
  4. If you inserted yourself into this image, where would you be?

Closing Activity

What would an ideal snapshot of your work capture? Why would it include what it would include, and why would it leave out what it would leave out?

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