Opening Activity

Think of a difficult decision you had to make in your work. What was the situation?  What was it difficult? How did you decide - what was your process?  What were the consequences of the decision? Any regrets?

Discussion Questions

  1. How would you describe (in a couple of words) the tone of this piece?
  2. What sense, if any, do you have of the person talking? (if this was a job interview, what would you think you knew or what would you feel when talking to this person?)
  3. Is there any one of these choices that particularly stands out to you -- one that is striking or relevant or that you could identify with? Which one and why?
  4. Why one animal but two children? How do you know who or what needs you more?
  5. Why neither evil? Is this realistic? Do you find yourself choosing between evils?
  6. Why hope instead of despair? Why is hope harder to bear?
  7. Are these realistic? Liveable?
  8. Are there any consistent values behind these choices? Any patterns or principles?
  9. Are choices ever either/or? How does this match up with the way choices/alternatives/decisions are made in real life?
  10. Is this a good guide for living or decision-making? What's missing?
  11. What risks are involved in decision-making?
  12. On an advisory council such as this one, what is challenging about choices and decisions?

Closing Activity

If you could give one piece of advice about making decisions, what would it be?

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