Opening Activity

Think of a sight, taste, or sound that you encounter regularly, i.e. the view of a nearby park, the taste of your mother’s recipe, or the sound of your morning train. What sensations do you perceive when you experience these familiar things? Share with a partner after you have gathered your thoughts.

Discussion Questions

  1. What verb would you use to describe what is happening in this image? What verb would you choose to describe what this man is doing?
  2. Is this a familiar scene to you? What is expected or unexpected about it?
  3. What is the most striking part of this image? What does your gaze notice first?
  4. Are there other sensations you can imagine when you look at this image? Sounds? Smells?
  5. Do you think that the man in the photo is fully participating in the scene around him? What does it mean to participate with something or someone?
  6. When it comes to your service, how do you know when to honor different kinds of perceptions? How do you know when to help someone who may need your assistance?

Closing Activity

Write down a question you have regarding your role as a medical professional in relating to other people’s different capabilities of perception. We will go around the circle and share our words with the group in a minute.

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