Opening Activity

Have you ever given aid to someone who was reluctant to ask for help? How did you recognize this person's need? What were you able to give this person?

Discussion Questions

  1. Why doesn't the boy tell the sailor he is hungry at the beginning of the story?
  2. What makes the boy finally find a place to eat? Why does he choose the milk bar?
  3. When the boy first cries, why does he cry with rage and shame? Why does he cry with joy the second time?
  4. What does the blonde woman in the milk bar give to the boy? How does she recognize his need?
  5. Why do the boy's feelings of gratitude vanish as he leaves the milk bar?
  6. Even in times of extreme need, why is it difficult to ask for help?
  7. Is it necessary to expect gratitude when giving?
  8. How do you know when you have given enough or the right thing?

Closing Activity

What is one question this discussion has raised about your own giving?

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