Opening Activity

When you began your work, what knowledge did you think you brought to the job? How did it affect you and your work? Share with a partner.

Discussion Questions

  1. What is the main crisis of the story?
  2. What does the speaker think she knows when she first starts her job?
  3. How does the speaker feel when she starts her work? How do her feelings change over time?
  4. Do you think her work made an impact?
  5. What knowledge does the speaker gain after her experience, if any?
  6. What conclusions does she make at the end of the story? Do you agree with them?
  7. On page 197, the speaker says, “the whole thing felt like a sham and I an utter failure.” How do you know what impact your own work has when you face challenges?
  8. On page 197, the speaker says, “I have no real skills except reading and thinking.” How do you know what types of knowledge you will need as you begin a new project or job? Where and how do you learn skills and wisdom?

Closing Activity

What kind of wisdom have you gained over time from your work? Share your reflections with the group.

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