Opening Activity

First, think of one person you know who strikes you as a good leader. Then think of one word to characterize how this person leads. Finally, describe one specific instance in which you saw this person leading in a way that warrants the word you chose (if you said “demanding,” for example, then describe one instance in which you saw this person being demanding).

Discussion Questions

  1. Is the shirtless dancing boy in the video a good leader?
  2. Why does the first follower joins the shirtless dancing boy?
  3. Should leaders embrace their followers as "equals"? Why or why not?
  4. Have your leaders embraced their followers as "equals"? Have you embraced your followers as "equals" when you've led? In what ways?
  5. Is it important for you to think about your work as "leadership"? Why or why not? Is it important for you to think of your students as future leaders?
  6. Who do you most identify with in this video -- the leader, the first follower or one of the later followers? Who would you like to identify with in the future?
  7. Think about your place of work -- are you leading well? Are you being led well? Why or why not?

Closing Activity

What is one question you have about yourself as a leader? What is one word that describes the kind of leader you want to be seen to be?

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