Opening Activity

Think of a time you connected with someone because you shared a similar identity. Who did you connect with? What identity did you share? Did you feel more connected with this person than others? Why or why not?

Discussion Questions

  1. What do we know about Morgan and her background? What are some of the challenges she faces?
  2. What do you make of Morgan’s assertion that she’d “rather be an oreo than a stereotype”?
  3. Why does Morgan "always" feel like she's “missing something” at her university?
  4. Are your friends more likely to be similar to you or different than you? Why do you think that is?
  5. Do you think Morgan needs to have friends who are African-American?
  6. In what ways is it difficult to relate to people who do not share your identity/ies? In what ways is it a useful or positive thing?
  7. Where, if anywhere, do you see yourself in this video?

Closing Activity

Quick go-round fill in the blank:  ____________ matters to me more: "difference" or "sameness"

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