Opening Activity

Think of a tradition that you feel connected to no matter how old you are or how much things change. What is the tradition? Why do you feel connected to it? What has changed since that tradition started?

Discussion Questions

  1. What do you notice about the women in this photograph? How would you describe them?
  2. Where do you see "tradition" in this image? Where do you see "change?"
  3. How does the tension between tradition and change show up in your work? How does it show up with the people you work with?
  4. What traditions do you want to continue at your organization? What changes do you feel need to be made?
  5. Is it possible to balance the value of tradition with the need for change? In what ways?

Closing Activity

What is one change you would like to see your organization make in the next year? What is one tradition you would like to see your organization hold onto in the next year? Share one or both aloud.

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