March from Selma to Montgomery


Karales, James




Taken by photojournalist James Karales, “March from Selma to Montgomery” depicts one of three marches in 1965 that marked what many consider the political and emotional peak of the American Civil Rights Movement. Karales captures men and women, black and white, dressed in suits and skirts and head scarves, with two American flags flying in the air. This photograph explores the nature of diversity and inclusion in the U.S., eliciting questions about who makes up America and who chooses to partake in movements to create a more just and equitable future.

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Diversity and DifferenceIdentity and CommunityJustice and EqualityOrganizing and ActivismRace, Ethnicity and CultureSocial and Political Change

Big Questions

What makes a community strong? What makes it weak?What does it mean to be an organizer or an activist? What defines this role?

Sample Discussion Questions

  1. What is one word and one feeling that come to you as you look at this image?
  2. What do you notice first? What do you notice second?
  3. What do you find it hardest to look away from in this image?
  4. What is one question that the image provokes in you?
  5. Where do you see action in this image? Where do you see outcomes?
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