Imagine the Angels of Bread


Espada, Martin




“Imagine the Angels of Bread” was written in 1996 by Latino poet and professor at the University of Massachusetts-Amherst, Martin Espada. Repeating the phrase “this is the year,” Espada helps readers to reflect on oppression and power imbalances in our society, and to think critically about when these things are going to change and/or how change has already come about. Espada's poem offers an opportunity to discuss social change, power and if/how it can be reversed, poverty, justice, vision, and imagination.

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Impact and OutcomesJustice and EqualityPoverty and NeedPower and PrivilegeRace, Ethnicity and CultureSocial and Political Change

Big Questions

What is the world we dream of living in? Is it possible?Is ending poverty possible?What is racism?What is change? Do people experience change differently?

Sample Discussion Questions

  1. Why does the narrator repeat the phrase, “This is the year”?
  2. What do the different events for which this is the year have in common, if anything?
  3. Why does the second-to-last stanza introduce the word “if,” and repeat it?
  4. Is this the year? How does this poem leave you feeling?
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