How to Start a Movement


Sivers, Derek




In his 2010 video, “How to Start a Movement,” Derek Sivers uses humorous footage to explain how a movement really gets started, exploring the significance not only of leaders, but of those who have the courage to follow. This video offers an opportunity to discuss leadership and risk, the glorification of leadership, the validity of the belief that “everyone can lead,” and the transformative power of followers in both large and small-scale movements.

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Connection and RelationshipIdentity and CommunityImpact and OutcomesLeadership and ResponsibilityMotives and ValuesOrganizing and ActivismPower and PrivilegeSocial and Political Change

Big Questions

What makes a good leader?What are the best ways to organize people and spur them to action?

Sample Discussion Questions

  1. Is the shirtless dancing boy in the video a good leader?
  2. Why do you think the first follower joins the shirtless dancing boy?
  3. Do you think that the shirtless dancing boy wants others to join him?
  4. Why don't we “glorify” followers the same way that we “glorify” leaders?
  5. Do you believe that everyone can lead? Is it important for you to think about your work as ‘leadership'? Why or why not?
  6. Does being a leader mean being part of a movement?
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