Child of the Romans


Sandburg, Carl




This poem was written in 1912 by Pullitzer Prize winner Carl Sandburg (1878-1967) as part of his series on Chicago. Besides being a prolific and gifted writer, Sandburg worked at the Chicago Daily News and was active in the Social Democratic Party. The Chicago series reflect Sandburg's concern for social justice and his experience of Chicago entrenched inequalities. This poem, Child of the Romans, directly evokes class division and the lack of recognition for the plight of the working poor.

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Carl Sandburg. Chicago Poems. Urbana, University of Illinois Press. 1992. 


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Big Questions

What causes division between people and groups?What makes it possible for us to connect to others? What gets in the way?What do those with more owe to those with less?What is poverty, how should we respond to it?Why do some have so much and some have so little?What is the “status quo”? Does it need to be changed?How do we know or identify privilege?What is the appropriate response to privilege?

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