Bangalore Hip-Hop


Pillai, Sudha




This photograph, taken by Sudha Pillai on January 20, 2010, depicts Low Rhyderz, a homegrown hip-hop band in Bangalore, India. Homegrown hip hop bands have become a phenomenon in Bangalore, with bands combining Indian beats and hip-hop rhythms to create music that is hybrid and unique. This photograph inspires discussion about racial and ethnic stereotypes, cultural expectations, and how cultures evolve, clash, and change.

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Heritage and TraditionIdentity and CommunityRace, Ethnicity and CultureSpeech and Expression

Big Questions

How do we balance the value of tradition with the need for change?How do we define who we are?How does my race, culture or ethnicity shape who I am?

Sample Discussion Questions

  1. What sense do you have of who these men are? What are they doing? What are their relationships to one another?
  2. Where are these men? Does their location matter? Why or why not?
  3. What do you think passersby would think if they saw these men?
  4. What tensions, if any, do you see in this image? Do these tensions feel familiar to you? In what ways?
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