Resource Library

​Welcome to the Resource Library where you can find a variety of resources to help you plan and lead reflective discussions with your colleagues and the communities you serve.

Find a Resource

Our Resource Library contains over 300 readings, images, and videos with sample discussion questions to help you think about getting a discussion going. You can search and browse our resources by a variety of options or use our guided search to see resources organized by Themes and Big Questions.

Discussion Plans

Sample discussion plans are intended to support and guide you in thinking about and planning your own conversations. They are not intended to be prescriptive, but simply suggestions and ideas for generating your own discussion.

Each plan includes:

  • An opening activity  - a question or activity to get people thinking and talking together and connecting their personal experience to the topic of discussion
  • Discussion questions – open-ended questions that focus the discussion -- first on the resource and then to larger questions of interpretation and implication.
  • A closing activity – a question or activity that provides a sense of closure, while keeping the discussion open and giving people something to think about once the discussion ends.

Facilitator Summaries

What do successful discussions look like? What questions are other facilitators asking? What groups are they convening? Check out our facilitator summaries to see overviews of discussions led by CCR staff and other CCR-trained facilitators working across the country. We also encourage you to add to our library by submitting your own facilitator summary.

Themes & Big Questions

So you want to talk about inequality? Or justice? Or leadership? How do you start thinking about these things? What questions should you consider?  Use our Themes and Big Questions guided search to view over 30 different themes for discussion, along with big questions raised by each theme and associated resources, discussion plans, and facilitator summaries.