Collection of Essays on Civic Reflection


Dan Born, Juanita Brown, Michael Culliton, Adam Davis, Matt Girson, Sarah Hirschman, Bart Schultz, et al.






Civic reflection... does something extremely important -- it cultivates a habit of mind and communication that increases the capacity of regular participants to be able to identify, articulate, and address the complex problems that are so common in our life and work. It helps people think outside the box, it pushes people from their ruts, it reminds people that their point of view is not the only legitimate point of view.


--Deva Woodly

Professor at the New School for Social Research


People express appreciation for having the luxury of time to consider an issue like healthcare more fully and the benefit of a structure that helps them approach the issue from what they and others in their community value.


--Michael Culliton

Center for Healthcare Reform


Civic EngagementCommunity DevelopmentDialogue Across DifferencesRetention and SustainabilitySkill-Building


​This is a collection of 11 essays on civic reflection from a civic reflection symposium in October 2008. These essays vary in topic and in author, ranging from "Reflecting on Art and Its Place in Democracy" by Matthew Girson from DePaul University, to "Civic Reflection and the Transformation of U.S. Health Care" by Michael Culliton from the Center for Healthcare Reform, to "Conversation, Community, and Committed Action: Shaping Democratic Futures, Together" by Juanita Brown from the nonprofit organization, World Cafe.