State Service Commissions & National Service

​We may agree that service is a good thing, but that doesn't mean that it's simple. It engages a variety of perspectives, identities, and competing needs. How do service participants talk across difference? How do we make authentic connections both with the people we serve and the people we serve with? Civic reflection helps state service commissions and national service groups to explore these questions and support service participants across the country.


  • Higher rates of retention and a noticeable increase in renewal
  • Improved relationships between and among program staff and service members
  • Member development and satisfaction – with 70% of participants saying that civic reflection increased their commitment to serve.

View impact case studies that detail CCR's work with state service commissions and national service groups.

What People Are Saying


I think [civic reflection] allowed me to solidify my values and beliefs. It helped me see other points of view rather than being stuck in my own thoughts. It helped me to be more open-minded. I also think it was one of the catalysts of continuing service another year and remaining committed to service in the future.


--AmeriCorps Member, Texas


The leadership development component was an integral part of the Justice Talking experience. Listening to others sharing a viewpoint... challenged me to wade into the gray area of the reading instead of standing on the fringe with the... 'this is how it is' crowd. Leading requires listening, but it also requires hearing multiple sides in order to make the informed decision… the discussions challenged me to improve that aspect of my leadership.


--AmeriCorps Member, Ohio


To get staff and volunteers engaged in the cause of the Y, we must give them time, space and permission to reflect on their beliefs about people and communities, the meaning of their individual efforts, and ultimately our organization.


--Brian Kridler

Project Director of Strategic Innovation, YMCA of the USA