Teachers' Inquiry Project

The Teachers’ Inquiry Project has worked in partnership with the Center for Civic Reflection to provide teachers with an opportunity to think, talk, and connect with one another about the challenges and hopes that animate their day-to-day efforts. TIP is dedicated to bringing teachers together across race, class, age, gender, and institutional affiliation to explore and reflect on their work, create and support good practice, and sharpen their vision for the work ahead. TIP is a resource for teachers in their growth as practitioners of democracy, as they guide young people toward becoming thoughtful and engaged participants in their schools, communities, and the world.


  • Improved teacher morale and renewed sense of purpose inside the classroom and out

  • Strengthened relationships with colleagues, students, parents, and administrators

  • Effective tool for teachers and students to talk with one another across difference about issues that may otherwise be kept under the rug.

View impact case studies that detail CCR's work with teachers, schools, and TIP partners.

What People Are Saying


Many of the faculty who participated said that the [training] was one of the best in-service programs that we have had at the college in many years. Several of our humanities departments have started some of their meetings with a brief civic reflection discussion. This seems to end up making their meetings more productive.


--Jeff Davidson

Vice President for Academic Services, Highland Community College


It is these types of programs that help develop our students into great leaders and good citizens. We are very excited to participate in the Civic Reflection Fellows program and further expose our students --- and our growing campus – to this valuable work.


--Sheree Sanderson

Assistant Dean of Students, Governors State University


Interpreting the poem AND reviewing the statistics were such eye-openers. They were both relevant to the topic. The discussions caused many of us to think differently about the effects of inequality in education.


--"Service in an Age of Inequality" Discussion Participant