Audio Recordings

Service in an Age of Inequality

From the WBEZ Website: As the National Conference for Volunteering and Service kicked off its annual conference in Chicago with 4,000 people in attendance, 24 civic leaders – from Chicago, Texas, Colorado, Indiana, and beyond – gathered for a discussion on the theme of “Service in an Age of Inequality.”

Marking the Day: The Tenth Anniversary of 9-11

From the WBEZ Website: A group of 24 leaders from a wide range of civic and community organizations around Chicago gathered in WBEZ's Jim and Kay Mabie Performance Studio on Monday for an in-depth discussion about the meaning of 9/11, now and going forward.

Adam Davis encourages groups to reflect more to build better communities

From the WBEZ Website: Adam Davis has an idea of how you can start to see your co-workers in a different light. Rather than just seeing your colleague as "the jerk down the hall" you can start to see him more as a partner in a shared mission. It's all part of building community and strengthening democracy. The process of reaching this takes work but, more importantly, it takes reflection.