January 2013 Train-the-Trainer Advanced Workshop


This invitation-only Train-the-Trainer workshop is targeted at experienced facilitators and is designed to prepare them to lead civic reflection facilitation trainings. Participants will learn about the essential pieces of a civic reflection workshop (introducing civic reflection, helping participants learn how to plan and lead reflective dialogues, trouble-shooting, etc.) and how to best put these pieces together in different contexts. After the workshop, participants will be equipped to plan, run, and arrange civic reflection facilitation trainings in the future.

We also offer Train-the-Trainer workshops to organizations that are interested in equipping in-house staff as trainers.

We ask that our Train-the-Trainer candidates:

  • have participated in a 2-day facilitation training
  • have attended at least 1 discussion facilitated by a CCR facilitator outside of the workshop
  • have facilitated at least 3 discussions

What participants have said:

"After participating in the Train-the-Trainer workshop, not only do I feel more comfortable and confident in my ability to lead civic reflection discussions, but I also have new ideas on who might benefit from the experience. I look forward to introducing new groups to civic reflection and trust that I am now better prepared to plan and execute future workshops and discussions." -- Janice Belzowski, McCormick Foundation

"The Center for Civic Reflection's Train-the-Trainer experience helped deepen my understanding of how to pull apart, break down, and reassemble all the elements of a civic reflection dialogue as you explain to others how to run their own dialogues. I found the process engaging, comfortable, and a welcome opportunity to rejuvenate my own civic reflection facilitation skills." -- Rebecca Brown, Literature for All of Us

If you are interested in participating in or sending you staff to the Train-the-Trainer workshop, please contact us at info@civicreflection.org.


CCR Office in Downtown Chicago


Adam Davis and Kelli Covey