Public Discussion - On Being American and More


There is a lot of talk these days about immigration—about fences, amnesty, dreams, and citizenship. Much of this talk is polarizing and aimed almost entirely at influencing policy rather than understanding one another and even ourselves.

In February 2013, CCR and WBEZ  held 3 community discussions for people from across Chicago to step back from the polarization and the policy to talk with one another about questions and complexities that affect us on a daily basis -- whether we think of ourselves as Americans or hyphenated or some other thing, whether we are citizens or longtime residents or visitors, how we think we are seen by others in this country, the relation between our communities of origin and our communities of culture, and what it means to be American now, in our connected and often conflicted condition of global interdependence.  

On March 7, we will invite approximately 30 of Chicago's civic and community leaders for a discussion. We will talk about and across the differences between us, and also about the lives and communities we have in common. The discussion, which will be recorded and available for download and possible broadcast, will be held at the Chicago Public Media Navy Pier studio. Please watch out for a link to listen to the recorded discussion!

This event is currently by invitation only. But if you are interested in joining us, please contact us at