Community Discussion—Eating with Understanding and Gratitude: Rethinking Food


Poet and essayist Wendell Berry strongly believes "small-scale farming is essential to healthy local economies, and that strong local economies are essential to the survival of the species and the well-being of the planet." So what can we as city people do to address the decline of American farming and rural life? As Berry wrote in his essay, The Pleasures of Eating: "When food, in the minds of eaters, is no longer associated with farming and with the land, then the eaters are suffering a kind of cultural amnesia that is misleading and dangerous." 

Join us -- Thursday, March 21, at the WBEZ West Side Bureau, Monday, March 25, at the WBEZ South Side Bureau, or Thursday, March 28, at the WBEZ North Side Bureau -- for a facilitated discussion about how we are thinking about food and our access to it. What responsibilities do we have to participate in our own food production & preparation, support local farmers, or learn the origins of the food we buy? Using excerpts from Berry's "The Pleasures of Eating" let us explore what benefits might be gained by reclaiming responsibility for our own part in the food economy.

This event is co-produced by WBEZ and Fourth Presbyterian Church, in collaboration with the Center for Civic Reflection. 

Please RSVP through WBEZ's website:

  • Thursday, March 21, 6-7 pm, click HERE to RSVP
  • Monday, March 25, 6-7 pm, click HERE to RSVP
  • Thursday, March 28, 6-7 pm, click HERE to RSVP