Civic Reflection Fellows Program Launches at 4 Chicago Schools

Sep 13 2012

In September 2012, the Civic Reflection Fellows Program launched at 4 colleges and universities throughout Chicago.

The CR Fellows Program is a one-year certificate program designed to develop a cohort of thoughtful, collaborative student leaders who can engage diverse groups of students and community partners in dialogue about critical issues and themes in civic life. 24 fellows have been selected from 4 colleges and universities -- the University of Chicago, Governors State University, Truman City College, and the Chicago School of Professional Psychology. All of the schools, though strikingly different from one another, are committed to community engagement and the belief that reflection and dialogue are critical aspects of student leadership and service.

Throughout the year, CR Fellows will attend facilitation trainings, receive coaching and support from CCR staff, and co-lead 4-5 discussions on issues of social justice, service, and community engagement on or off-campus. They will attend monthly meetings to practice discussions with their campus cohorts, staff liaisons, and faculty advisors, and come together for planning meetings and facilitators' clinics led by CCR with students from the other schools.

As Julie Dockery, the Director of Service Learning at Truman College, says: "The CR Fellows program is committed to the practice of reflective dialogue. Meaningful civic engagement is dependent upon diverse voices to tell the stories of the rich experiences and perspectives of addressing critical issues within American communities. Affording our students this opportunity demonstrates to them that that their contribution matters, their voices matter, and THEY matter."

CCR is excited to hear these students' voices and to help them create spaces on their campuses and in their communities for other voices to be heard.

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