Civic Reflection Discussions Lead to Book on “What Makes a South Dakotan?”

Apr 03 2013

The South Dakota Humanities Council has released a book called, "What Makes a South Dakotan?", inspired by civic reflection gatherings across the state. The response to the book and the discussions has been so powerful that the South Dakota Humanities Council is planning to continue civic reflection discussions and community conversations about the topic over the coming months.

One such discussion is happening on April 9, 2013 when scholar, Joyce Jefferson, will facilitate a civic reflection discussion in Sturgis, South Dakota to, in the words of the event's organizer, "[find] out what unique characteristics people in Sturgis have that make them South Dakotans... [to explore] our ties to the land and each other in our little corner of the state." We, at CCR, are very impressed by South Dakota's ability to build and explore community through civic reflection and can't wait to see what else they have in store.

Read here for more information about "What Makes a South Dakotan?"

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