CCR Partners with OneStar Foundation to Host Trainings in Texas this Fall

Oct 01 2012

The Center for Civic Reflection is partnering with the OneStar Foundation in Texas to host two civic reflection trainings for AmeriCorps Texas programs this fall.

The first training is a Train-the-Trainer workshop on October 31. This session will offer 5 AmeriCorps program staff who have previously been trained by CCR in facilitation the opportunity to learn how to lead a civic reflection training. After the training, participants will be able to train other program staff and AmeriCorps members to facilitate reflective dialogue with groups across Texas.

The second training is a Civic Reflection Facilitation Training on November 1-2. This session will give 30 AmeriCorps program staff and members the chance to learn the nuts and bolts of how to faciliate civic reflection discussions at their AmeriCorps sites and in their communities. Participants will take turns leading discussions and receiving feedback, and receive guidance on handling the challenges and responsibilities of facilitation.

CCR has partnered with the OneStar Foundation for 4 consecutive years and is excited to expand the number of people leading reflective dialogue in communities across Texas!

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