CCR Partners with Neighborhood Writing Alliance to Develop “Now Is the Time” Toolkit

Sep 27 2012

In September 2012, the Center for Civic Reflection helped to develop a toolkit as part of Now Is The Time -- a Chicago initative inspiring residents to make positive change in their communities and stop youth violence and intolerance. CCR developed the toolkit alongside Neighborhood Writing Alliance, a Chicago nonprofit that creates opportunities for adults in underserved neighborhoods to write, publish, and perform works about their lives.

The toolkit features 6 first-person narratives written by adults from underserved communities in Chicago, discussion questions and dialogue prompts written by CCR staff, and creative writing prompts written by Neighborhood Writing Alliance. As a whole, the toolkit is designed to inspire community conversations and group writing sessions about the epidemic of youth violence and intolerance, and how it impacts communities in Chicago and across the country.

We hope that this toolkit gives inspiration and structure to these much-needed conversations and group writing sessions, and that it helps you, your family, your friends, your block club, your place of worship, your school, your town hall meeting, and your community to talk, write, think, and connect about issues of youth violence and intolerance.


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