CCR Director, Adam Davis, Serves on Panel for Graduate Students at UChicago

Feb 13 2013

On January 25, the Director of the Center for Civic Reflection, Adam Davis, served on a panel at GradUCon, the University of Chicago's premiere graduate student career and professionalization conference. The conference is devised to show the connections between graduate students' professionalization and academic work, and to help students feel "realistically optimistic" about the career options open to them.

Davis was joined on the panel by representatives from the MacArthur Foundation, University of Chicago hospitals and the Illinois Humanities Council. On the panel, Davis spoke about the ways in which graduate school might prepare one for nonprofit work, speaking specifically about self-discipline and caring about your work. He also discussed what might not translate from grad school to non-profit work and being open to a more unpredictable career path. Says Davis: “I hope the students got the sense that they do not have to be cordoned off or separate from many other communities. There’s lots of freedom during graduate school and excuses to try all sorts of things, and make connection where they don’t yet exist."

The panel was attended by over 40 University of Chicago students.

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