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Civic Reflection and African American Philanthropy

Mar 11 2015

An innovative exhibit showcasing African American philanthropy opened at Johnson C. Smith University (JCSU) in Charlotte, NC on February 20, 2015. Giving Back: The Soul of Philanthropy Reframed and Exhibited includes personal vignettes, reflections, and black-and-white images from the book Giving Back: A Tribute to Generations of African American Philanthropists by author Valaida Fullwood and photographer Charles W. Thomas Jr. Giving Back received the McAdam Book Award, which honors “the most inspirational and useful new book for the nonprofit sector,” and was named one of the 10 Best Black Books of 2011.

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Cal Humanities Trains Librarians to Lead Community Conversations with Veterans

Jul 01 2014

On June 9th and 10th, Cal Humanities hosted a civic reflection facilitation training for public librarians at Golden Gate University in San Francisco.  Co-led by Adam Davis (Oregon Humanities Executive Director and former Director of the Center for Civic Reflection) and  Vanessa Whang (Cal Humanities Director of Programs), the training—part of Cal Humanities’ Now We’re Talking program—included 20 representatives from sixteen library jurisdictions across California.  Since 2009 Now We’re Talking, developed in collaboration with the Center for Civic Reflection, has trained staff from library systems statewide to facilitate meaningful dialogues in their communities.

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NIU Integrates Civic Reflection into Campus Life

Oct 21 2013

Over the past two years, Northern Illinois University (NIU) in Dekalb, IL has built civic reflection into the life of the campus by training students, resident advisors, faculty and staff to facilitate reflective dialogues. Rather than creating stand-alone programs around civic reflection, NIU’s Office of Student Engagement and Experiential Learning (OSEEL) has looked for opportunities to integrate the practice into “what’s already happening on campus,” explains OSEEL director Julia Spears.  

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Ask Big Questions Fellows Trained at Washington University

Aug 15 2013

Students from 25 college campuses in the U.S. and Canada attended a training for Ask Big Questions (ABQ) Fellows July 31-August 2 at Washington University in St. Louis.  An initiative of Hillel, the foundation for Jewish campus life, ABQ brings people of diverse backgrounds and viewpoints together to converse about “Big Questions” on topics that matter to and can be answered by everyone, questions like, For whom are we responsible?  When have you been a stranger? What could we sacrifice to change the world?  The training used the civic reflection method to teach new Fellows to convene and lead reflective discussions on their campuses.  The training was led by Thomas Toney, Senior Program Coordinator with Chicago Cares; Allison Schuette and Liz Wuerffel, faculty members at Valparaiso University;  and Elizabeth Lynn, director of the Institute for Leadership and Service at Valparaiso University and the founding director of the Center for Civic Reflection.   

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