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Civic Reflection Discussions Lead to Book on “What Makes a South Dakotan?”

Apr 03 2013

The South Dakota Humanities Council has released a book called, "What Makes a South Dakotan?", inspired by civic reflection gatherings across the state. The response to the book and the discussions has been so powerful that the South Dakota Humanities Council is planning to continue civic reflection discussions and community conversations about the topic over the coming months.

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CCR Director, Adam Davis, Serves on Panel for Graduate Students at UChicago

Feb 13 2013

On January 25, the Director of the Center for Civic Reflection, Adam Davis, served on a panel at GradUCon, the University of Chicago's premiere graduate student career and professionalization conference. The conference is devised to show the connections between graduate students' professionalization and academic work, and to help students feel "realistically optimistic" about the career options open to them.

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After the Vote: a Community Discussion on Voice, Power, and Participation

Dec 06 2012

Prior to the November elections, the Center for Civic Reflection and Mikva Challenge joined with WBEZ to invite Chicago residents to think and talk together about how we participate in democracy--and what we hope for when we do. Three weeks after the election, on November 29th, a group of thirty community members, students, and civic leaders convened to explore what happens next. Voting is one form of participation, but how does it stand next to other forms of involvement as we move forward? How else can we act to improve our city and our world, and what, however we express ourselves, are we hoping to get done?

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CCR Director, Adam Davis, Leads Session on “Deepening Student Learning” at Loyola University Chicago

Nov 01 2012

On October 26, 2012, the Center for Experiential Learning at Loyola University Chicago sponsored a free luncheon and workshop with CCR Director, Adam Davis. At the workshop, titled "Deepening Student Learning with Civic Reflection," Davis introduced civic reflection as a tool for deepening student learning in classrooms and co-curricular experiences, as well as modeled its use. The workshop was open to staff, faculty, and campus partners.

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