Retention and Sustainability

Training participants laugh and share experiences
Doctors, nurses and other members of hospice and palliative care teams attended this CCR training in fall 2012. Civic reflection has proven to increase morale and decrease burn-out among hospice and palliative care teams.

​One of the outcomes that CCR consistently sees from our work is improved retention, morale, and relationships, leading to more sustainable work and service. Our partners who practice ongoing dialogue and reflection report:

  • Increased rates of retention
  • Improved morale and job satisfaction
  • Strengthened relationships with colleagues and community members
  • Deepened commitment to communities and work at hand


  • 90% of faculty and staff at Highland Community College said civic reflection refreshed and energized them for the year ahead. Read more
  • 100% of AmeriCorps members were retained by the Project YES! program in 2011-2012, in part due to monthly civic reflection discussions. Read more
  • 89% of public discussion participants said CCR’s “Teaching, Learning, and Power” discussions helped them feel more connected to others in their field. Read more

At OneStar Foundation, the organization’s, and thus the staff’s role is to manage AmeriCorps grants. So we’re a step back away from the direct service – the good work that AmeriCorps members are doing out there. So taking the time off the tedious paper work, the “boring stuff”, to talk about why we are doing what we are doing and rethinking why the administrative work is critical in the service world, is valuable.


--OneStar Foundation Staff Member


The opportunity to participate in reflective reading within our palliative care program has provided an amazing opportunity for our clinicians to briefly step outside their day-to-day each month and reflect on the tremendous impact of their work. Our staff have reported this experience has led to greater job satisfaction and they have requested that it continue beyond the pilot phase into the next year.


--Brian Berger, Director of Counseling Services

Midwest Palliative & Hospice CareCenter


CCR is one of our key partners and they facilitate reflective discussions several times throughout the year. Invariably our staff feels challenged and refreshed by the process of directly exploring the readings and discussion; we enjoy that these are NOT specific to the work we do each day, and we connect through the process of listening to and sharing with each other in a safe space.


--Eric Davis

Founder and Director of Global Citizenship Experience