Leadership Development

Discussion participants engage in dialogue and listen to one another

​One of the outcomes we, at CCR, have seen time and time again is the development of leadership qualities in our discussion participants and facilitators. These qualities include:

  • Increased self-awareness and self-understanding
  • Ability to articulate moral, ethical, and civic values and beliefs
  • Increased desire to ask -- and answer -- deep, difficult questions about one's community or work
  • Ability to hear multiple perspectives and bring people together across difference


  • 100% of facilitators reported that civic reflection discussions helped them to become leaders. Read more
  • 100% of student leaders and faculty agreed or strongly agreed that CCR’s facilitation training increased their ability to communicate and/or articulate their own values and beliefs. Read more

Engaging Elmhurst College students in reflection has made a big impact on learning through service. Participants have the opportunity to critically reflect on their work and to explore the question ‘why serve.’ Whether in a student organization meeting or during alternative break, reflective discussions have deepened the student experience and provided opportunities for student leadership in a very empowering way.


--Laura Wilmarth Tyna

Director of Leadership, Service and Engagement at Elmhurst College


The leadership development component was an integral part of the Justice Talking experience. Listening to others sharing a viewpoint... challenged me to wade into the gray area of the reading instead of standing on the fringe with the... 'this is how it is' crowd. Leading requires listening, but it also requires hearing multiple sides in order to make the informed decision… the discussions challenged me to improve that aspect of my leadership.


--AmeriCorps Member, Ohio


Civic reflection can help us form a framework to enable our institutions to comprehend -- discuss -- and thoughtfully deal with the ethical questions and challenges we all face each day.


--Joe Kanofsky

President, Highland Community College