Dialogue Across Differences

Discussion participants talk across difference
Community members from different faiths and backgrounds gathered together to discuss how to memorialize 9/11 at WBEZ Studios in Chicago. CCR staff facilitated the conversation.

​CCR’s trainings, resources, and reflective discussions are tools to get people thinking and talking across difference, with the hope that they will help colleagues and community members do the same. Our programming leads to:

  • Greater capacity to understand and communicate across different perspectives and experiences
  • Ability to organize, lead, and discuss divisive issues with diverse constituencies
  • Increased empathy for a range of people and viewpoints


  • 98% of public discussion participants said civic reflection helped them to better understand the diverse perspectives of fellow community members. Read more

The talks we had really helped me to understand that people have all different kinds of opinions and experiences and just because they are different from mine does not make those thoughts wrong. I have learned to be more compassionate and patient with people who hold different beliefs than I do.


--AmeriCorps Member, Ohio


It has been helpful to hear other legislators from both parties answer difficult questions candidly.  We rarely have that opportunity in the State House.


--New Hampshire State Legislator

New Hampshire Humanities Council Conversation Series


I felt like today, this morning, was just an essential thing of what it means to be an American - to be able to gather together and reflect on something; how each of us have different identities, but also can come around an issue and discuss it.


--Ted Gibbs, "Tenth Anniversary of 9/11" Discussion Participant

Serve Illinois Commission