Civic Engagement

Training participants engage in a discussion


CCR’s reflection and dialogue programming leads to several essential civic engagement and civic learning outcomes, including:

  • Deeper understanding of purpose and vocation
  • Strengthened civic values and attitudes
  • Increased understanding of complexities of community engagement
  • Commitment to future service and civic engagement


  • 74% of AmeriCorps members participating in civic reflection discussion series reported better understanding the change they were trying to make. Read more
  • 81% of students agreed or strongly agreed that they were more likely to engage in civic work after participating in civic reflection discussions. Read more
  • 82% of AmeriCorps members agreed or strongly agreed that civic reflection made them more likely to continue with some form of service in the future. Read more

From the beginning, we recognized that civic reflection had the potential to have a transformative effect on our staff. In particular, we hoped that our staff would develop the ability to see their libraries and themselves differently, that they would come to regard the library as a meeting place and a crossroads for the community. This program gives us the opportunity to push our programming to a new level.


--Mark Smith

Riverside County Library System


Civic reflection helped me process and think about my experiences on a larger scale, not just as day-to-day service -- helped me see the bigger picture.


--AmeriCorps Project YES! member, 2011-2012


CCR provided an important reflection session that bridged community experiences with the pedagogical process. Through the lens of the short story, teachers were able to see the process of educating through a new lens and that set the stage for an introduction to various community-based pedagogical strategies.


--Jon Schmidt

Service-Learning Manager, Chicago Public Schools