Facilitator Feedback

A recent follow-up survey of attendees at Center for Civic Reflection facilitation trainings since 2006 found that these workshops have had a remarkably positive impact on the professional and personal lives of participants.

Discussion participants give each other feedback at a CCR training
Facilitators-in-training give each other feedback at a CCR training


A full 80% of respondents had put their skills to use by leading discussions in public or work settings—quite a remarkable application rate for any workshop.

Beyond the formal application of what they learned, respondents also noted many other positive impacts, including:

• Improved listening skills
• Improved ability to lead discussions with peers on “difficult” topics
• A deeper appreciation for literature as a tool for understanding and talking with others about civic life

Notaby, educators in the group commented that the training had positively affected their teaching performance, improving their ability to get all their students involved in classroom discussions.


As a facilitator, these discussions have helped me develop as a leader in a way in which I can easily communicate well with my colleagues, my service, and my desire to continue with my service.


--AmeriCorps Group Facilitator, Texas


Civic reflection helped me process and think about my experiences on a larger scale, not just as day-to-day service -- helped me see the bigger picture.


--AmeriCorps Project YES! member, 2011-2012


The leadership development component was an integral part of the Justice Talking experience. Listening to others sharing a viewpoint... challenged me to wade into the gray area of the reading instead of standing on the fringe with the... 'this is how it is' crowd. Leading requires listening, but it also requires hearing multiple sides in order to make the informed decision… the discussions challenged me to improve that aspect of my leadership.


--AmeriCorps Member, Ohio