Making a Difference

CCR is working to deepen understanding, build community, and strengthen commitment to civic engagement. We are also committed to bringing people in communities and organizations together in dialogue--to talk productively and work collaboratively to build a more just society.

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Our 6 major outcomes clearly outline the impact we have in deepening civic engagement, creating and sustaining committed leaders, and helping people talk across difference. You can find related quotes, case studies, and metrics to support these outcomes here.

Case Studies

How do we help college students care more deeply about giving back? How do we help organizations develop more effective leaders? How do we sustain and support the people on the ground who are helping, teaching, organizing, and leading? Read our case studies to learn how we've helped individuals, organizations and communities be more thoughtful, collaborative and connected.

Facilitator Feedback

Our trained facilitators report a variety of outcomes--from improved teaching and communication skills to a stronger sense of themselves as leaders and change agents. They also report on the impact their own development has had on the communities and organizations they serve.


What do the numbers show? What are people saying? View a selection of reports from different sectors to learn more about the questions we're asking and the data we're collecting.

Theory of Change

What difference does CCR make in the world - in the short-term and the long-term?  How do we impact individuals vs. organizations or communities? View our theory of change to get a bird's eye view of our path to deeper and more effective civic engagement.