“What’s Your Calling?” Campaign

The Kindling Group produces and sponsors documentary films that explore critical social issues and channels them into powerful tools for community engagement and change. "The Calling" is one of the Kindling Group's projects -- a four-hour documentary series aired on PBS that follows seven Catholic, Evangelical Christian, Jewish, and Muslim Americans who are training for religious leadership.


CCR brings a remarkable level of thoughtfulness and honesty to everything they do. Their input helped to raise the bar on the content and messaging for the "What's Your Calling?" Campaign and it was a pleasure to collaborate with them.


--Danny Alpert

Executive Director of the Kindling Group, Director of "The Calling"

Audience Focus

Community groups and documentary viewers who the Kindling Group and CCR developed discussion guides and a web campaign to engage


  1. Develop online tools that engage a diverse array of community groups and viewers in dialogue about "calling."
  2. Take the ideas raised in the documentary and on the website (i.e. calling, faith, service, and loss) from conversation into action.
  3. Create a sense of community around meaningful questions -- both online and off.

Project Description

The Center for Civic Reflection partnered with the Kindling Group to develop online discussion guides and a web campaign to complement the PBS documentary, "The Calling." The goal of the discussion guides and the web campaign was to inspire community groups and documentary viewers not only to watch the film, but to truly engage with the idea of "calling" -- to challenge it, discuss it, question it, and wonder about it with others. CCR developed discussion questions and guides for several specific audiences -- faith and interfaith groups, civic organizations, etc. -- to help them push the notion of "calling," question their own callings, and explore the themes of the documentary in a deeper, more interactive way.


  1. In a one-month span, the "What's Your Calling?" website had 119,307 visits and almost 230,000 page views.
  2. Dialogue across difference in community groups gave participants the opportunity to explore their callings and connect with one another.
  3. Deepened understanding of community groups' and documentary viewers' own purpose, faith, and vocation.
  4. Created opportunity to engage with a film in a deeper, more engaging way -- a shift from "watching" to "interacting."
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