Uplifting Nonprofit Leadership—the Next Generation

The Nonprofit Center of Northeast Florida provides numerous services to local nonprofit organizations advocating on issues impacting the nonprofit sector; providing expert direction on a wide range of subjects in nonprofit management and development; sponsoring seminars, networking and peer learning opportunities; and commissioning research on issues affecting nonprofits.


I found the entire experience to be very affirming. It gave me a greater understanding of exactly what I do and its importance in the big picture - it also helped me... think more clearly not just about who we are and what we are actually doing, but who we are called to be and how that may be changing - and what should not change. It helped me as a leader, deeply and personally.


--Participant, Uplifting Nonprofit Leadership Discussion Series

Audience Focus

70 young nonprofit professionals from Jacksonville-area philanthropic and nonprofit organizations.


  1. Provide young nonprofit leaders with the opportunity to explore key questions with other young leaders at the heart of nonprofit leadership.
  2. Strengthen relationships among young nonprofit leaders for future collaboration.
  3. Deepen individual and shared understanding of the nonprofit sector in a democratic society.
Discussion participants intently watch the other side of the room

Project Description

Uplifting (Nonprofit) Leadership IV convened key young nonprofit professionals from Jacksonville-area philanthropic and nonprofit organizations for five reflective discussions in 2008. Over 70 participants met to share a meal and explore key questions at the heart of nonprofit leadership -- Why does this work matter and to whom? Is it possible to lead when you must beg? What do we expect of those to whom we give? Are we leaders of something larger than our own organizations? Philanthropic and nonprofit leaders are often too busy to pause and assess what they are trying to accomplish and why. They rarely have the opportunity to talk about what inspires them with others comparably engaged and similarly situated. The overarching goal of these discussions was to give them that opportunity and the space not just to do good -- but to talk about it and learn about their work and themselves from other nonprofit leaders.


  1. Participants felt a stronger connection to their local nonprofit and donor community.
  2. Participants were better able to place their work in the larger context of the nonprofit sector.
  3. Participants felt "uplifted" as leaders and built stronger connections with each other.
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