Highland Community College Uses Civic Reflection for In-Service Program

Highland Community College is a community college located in Northwest Illinois.


Civic reflection can help us form a framework to enable our institutions to comprehend -- discuss -- and thoughtfully deal with the ethical questions and challenges we all face each day.


--Joe Kanofsky

President, Highland Community College


Many of the faculty who participated said that the [training] was one of the best in-service programs that we have had at the college in many years. Several of our humanities departments have started some of their meetings with a brief civic reflection discussion. This seems to end up making their meetings more productive.


--Jeff Davidson

Vice President for Academic Services, Highland Community College

Audience Focus

120 faculty and staff at Highland Community College


  1. Strengthen connections and relationships among faculty and staff
  2. Offer professional development and hands-on facilitation training that can be used both inside and outside of the classroom
  3. Give faculty and staff the opportunity to think and talk with people on campus with whom they would not normally interact
  4. Refresh and re-energize faculty and staff as they approach the upcoming school year
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Project Description

Highland Community College in Freeport, Illinois integrated a plenery presentation about civic reflection and a mini facilitation training into its in-service program for 120 faculty and staff. The program focused on how people build walls -- and connect across them -- at the college. Twelve faculty and staff members, including professional and support staff, librarians, and faculty from the sciences and humanities, were led in a 3-hour mini facilitation training by CCR founder, Elizabeth Lynn. The following day, Lynn and CCR Associate Director, Kelli Covey, led a plenary presentation introducing civic reflection and how it fits into the needs of community colleges. After the presentation, the 12 newly-trained facilitators engaged others at the college in reflective discussions using readings by Franz Kafka, Robert Frost, and Yusef Komunyakaa.


  1. 100% of participants said civic reflection helped them to reconnect with colleagues.
  2. 79% of participants said civic reflection sparked ideas for new activities in their work.
  3. 90% of participants said civic reflection refreshed and energized them for the year ahead.
  4. Two months later, 4 Highland College faculty members attended an additional CCR training, where they discussed strategies for incorporating civic reflection into the regular work of Highland faculty, staff, and administrators.
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